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3xL : Lust, Love & Latex!
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Monday, January 3rd, 2005
12:28 pm
Syndicated Latex News Feed!
Did you know that you can have the articles from my weblog (3xL : Lust, Love & Latex) appear on your friends page? All you need to do is to add this syndicated feed to your friends list.

Smart! No need to cross post here when you can use the syndicated feed!
Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
12:24 am
Help me get a Weblog Award!
The 2005 Bloggies Weblog Awards are a set of 30 publicly-chosen awards given to weblog writers and those related to weblogs.

Not only, would I be extremely honored if my website got nominated, it would also promote the wonders of latex to the vanilla world, thanks to the huge media coverage the 2005 Bloggies Weblog Awards receives!

So please, help me make a differnce and nominate "3xL : Lust, Love & Latex!" at the 2005 Bloggies Weblog Awards website:

Nominee: 3xL : Lust, Love & Latex!
URL: wwww.lustlovelatex.com

In the following categories:
- Best European Weblog
- Best Non-Weblog Content of a Weblog Site
- Best Topical Weblog
- Best-Kept-Secret Weblog
- Weblog of the Year

Thank you so much for your time and help!
Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
6:12 pm
Holiday Greetings!
Merry Christmas and happy New Year, Everybody!

Thanks for your support in the last year. I hope that you will keep visiting my website in the future.

Rubber X-mas Greetings!

Thursday, December 16th, 2004
12:04 pm
Latex Gallery Update!
Artwork by Trevor BrownJust added two new artists to my latex art gallery.

The first is "Trevor Brown", a true master of dark macabre illustrations. Trevor's gothic lolita style has made him a huge popular artist in Japan, but his works have been published all over the world.

The second is "DarkWing Zero" from Germany, there create her artworks with pen, ink and 3D. DarkWing's artwork often feature huge boobies and BDSM elements.

Latex artists wanted!
Remember that the artwork gallery is open for any latex teamed art; drawings, paintings, 3D, computer graphic or composites. Please mail me your name, url and five samples of your best artwork.
12:03 pm
Lithium Picnic!
LITHIUM PICNIC Copyright 2004Talked to Philip Warner, a photographer and designer based in downtown Houston, Texas. Philip run the beautifully Lithium Picnic website there is loaded with his incredible shots of girls wearing latex and other fetish attires.

The photo on the right featuring fabulous Darenzia wearing latex lingerie by Vesperi, clearly shows Philip's talent for latex fetish photograpy.

I asked him what he liked the most about photographing latex, he replied:
"Latex can really show off a model's form, especially when shined latex reflects light the right way and the highlights add even more definition. Translucent latex adds an extra level of sensuality and tease to the equation, especially when I can capture some light coming from behind in an open section of a skirt or dress. Light, shadow and texture are key ingredients in my work and latex can really pump up the drama or visual interest in a shot".

Find more eye candy at the Lithium Picnic website.
Wednesday, December 15th, 2004
12:54 pm
Where are You in the World of Latex?
My latex world map is more popular than ever! It's users thinks it's cool to see who other latex minded people there are in their region. If you have not signed the latex world map already, I would really appreciate it if you did it strait away. It takes less than a minute! Thank you!

Sign the "World Map" on my latex weblog: http://www.lustlovelatex.com
12:53 pm
Torture Garden Clothing Rip-off!
Today I noticed that amoung the new PVC items you see in the fetsh stores around the web, there is two nurse costumes inspired from Torture Gardens Clothing famous latex nurse designs!

I say it's a rip-off! Compare the two designs here and tell me what you think.
12:50 pm
SKIN TWO 50th Issue!
The new SKIN TWO is out! SKIN TWO celebrates reaching thier 50th issue with a retrospective on the entire publishing history of SKIN TWO magazine, from 1984 until the present.

The main feature is the report from the medical fantasy-themed 13th SKIN TWO Rubber Ball. This feature tells in fabulous pictures the full story of a weekend that embraced our House of Flesh opening night play party, Torture Garden SKIN TWO Special, two days of the SKIN TWO Expo with its unbeatable fetish shopping and numerous entertainments, the Ball itself, and the traditional VIP After Party at Club RUB.

I wonder if they used some of my photos... Or even better... If there is a photo of me in the new issue!
12:20 pm
Welcome to 3xL's Live Journal!
Hi there!

I'm 3xL! I run a latex fetish weblog called "3xL : Lust, Love & Latex!" (http://www.lustlovelatex.com) and have been doing so for over two years. I'm a web designer in my everyday job, so running a latex fetish website is just great fun! I write about latex fetishism, fashion, news and culture in general and my personal experiences. My goal is to motivate, educate and share about the wonders of latex! I want to show outsiders that latex is a fun and creative lifestyle!

I hope to use this Live Journal to grow my network within the latex fetish scene! So please introduce yourself! I'm very interested in hearing from latex clothing designers, latex fetish models and fellow webmasters. Please feel free to send me any hot latex related news, events, gossip, rumors, ideas and suggestions that you might think would be in the interest of my readers. You can mail me texts, links, images, newsclips... anything!

Rubber regards



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